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Happy Bloomsday!


Happy Bloomsday!! If you’re not a James Joyce aficionado (or if you don’t celebrate obscure holidays), June 16 is the day all of the events in Joyce’s Ulysses take place. The name comes from Leopold Bloom, the main character in the novel. To honor Bloomsday and James Joyce, here are a few fun facts about one of Ireland’s (and the world’s) most beloved authors.

Why June 16? The answer is actually pretty simple: it’s that day in 1904 when he had his first date with his future wife, Nora Barnacle.

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I don’t know if you know this but..


Just pretend that what followed didn’t actually happen.

Party Down creators developing new, similar show Temps

Rob Thomas, Jon Enbom, and Dan Etheridge—have just sold the new pilot Temps, which follows the thematically similar premise of a bunch of recent college grads who are forced to take on various demeaning office temp jobs to get by. 

There’s obviously not much more information to go on at the moment, but you can probably bet on Ken Marino showing up at some point.

I JUST GASPED SO HARD. There are witnesses to this.