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hey guys! we made a joint audition tape for Juilliard! let us know what you think (and nice comments only please!) :)

We will never forget.

Kayla is doing all of her That’s Michigan! posts tonight and I felt the need to (publicly) send in my audition tape by reading a selection from “Mr. Schue and Santana Get It On.”

Look, I’m not actually proud of this, but it’s THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.

Back in 2007 before I had friends I made a slasher film mocking UVA frat culture (irony!). I also used it as an excuse to make allusions to Vanilla Sky, Magnolia, and overuse a bunch of songs I liked.

ANYWAY, YouTube pulled the sound from the video because they claimed copyright infringement from DOKKEN. COME ON. 

Out of NOWHERE I get another email about it just today, and lo and behold, THE SOUND IS BACK.

So, THREE YEARS SINCE SOUND WAS REMOVED, this is “BROZILLA.” If I had any reputation to tarnish, this would do it. Instead, enjoy stabbing bananas. 

Did I ever tell you I was on Comedy Central once? I should stop trying to get into the entertainment industry because I clearly peaked when I was five years old. 

In 1993, Comedy Central ran an impossibly unknown sports-comedy show called Jocks, hosted by John Caponera. It was canceled really quickly. Does Norm MacDonald think this is going to be easy? Jocks doesn’t even have an IMDB page :(

In one episode, John visited a local minor league game for the Ft. Myers Miracle and goofed around. I wasn’t pleased. 

Until now, this has only been on a VHS tape, collecting dust. Today, my dad got a VHS>DVD converter. Ladies and gentlemen of Tumblr, I present the world debut of

*My 48 seconds of fame*

Last week at Salty Dog Saloon we rapped the first verse of Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement,” and it was triumphant terrible.