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I needed an oil change desperately, so I finally brought my car to ~unknown territory~  deep in the heart of Tampa.

Hours later, my car was ready, but it was feeling a little lighter. 


They wiped out my loose coinage. 

So my first instinct was to rewatch Car Wash Change Thief Action Squad from Mr. Show. Like any normal self-respecting human being.

(Part 2)

I used to know the Josh Fenderman dance. I was SO GOOD. Total ladykiller.

Mr. Show - “Coupon: The Movie”

You know, if someone with the expertise turned the David Cross moment at 2:59 into a gif, I would love him/her forever and ever. 

"These yellow ribbons are for the young people, to show we care. And these orange ribbons are for the companions…"

Mr. Show - “The Bad News Breakers,” or the cutest thing ever.

"There were nooooooooooooo survivors! :) :) "

Also includes a special cameo by pre-Starburns Dino!